vrachtwagen 2013

MullerVisual is more than a printing office. Having gained their current stature through the production of almost every theatre and film poster in the Netherlands for many decades, in the last 75 years MullerVisual has developed into an all-round and full-service printing specialist, with an almost limitless product supply. Anything is possible, from business cards to life-size bus shelter advertising and from flyers and stationery to posters and fancy brochures. We specialise in printed matter in every respect from intake and pre-press to supply, after sales and service. The most important aspect in everything we do is quality. Nothing leaves our printing office unless we are completely satisfied with the result. This is what you expect from specialists.

4 generations of quality thinking
Our drive for quality is not new: for the last 75 years, four Muller generations have made MullerVisual to what it is today: an ultramodern offset printing office where technique and workmanship come together in printed matter we (and you) can be proud of.

MullerVisual focuses on the future. We invest because we know what you have in mind for you printed matter tomorrow and the day after that. We invest in people and technique to achieve four objectives: speed, continuity, quality and service.

With justifiable pride, we can say that MullerVisual is unparalleled in the Netherlands in at least one respect: we are the only company to avail of the largest offset sheet-fed press printer in the Netherlands; the MAN Roland 904-8 (printing format 130x185 cm). 
This XXL printing press easily produces printed matter in bus shelter and billboard format, as well as full-colour printed sheets of 64 A4 pages.

MullerVisual, specialists in any format of printed matter.