Jurriaans Lindenbaum part of GrafiPlaza
10/17/2012 10:57:00 AM

Strong partner
Eef Ebbeling and Wim Dekker, the directors of Jurriaans Lindenbaum, had long been looking for a strong partner to gradually take over their business. That partner was Sander Muller, CEO of MullerVisual Communication, within the GrafiPlaza building on the Keurenplein in Amsterdam is the largest company. Jurriaans Lindenbaum Grafimedia goes on independently under the flag of GrafiPlaza.

Jurriaans Lindenbaum is a reputable printing company, that in recent years especially in the field of digital developments has profiled. An area which perfectly fits into the vision of MullerVisual Communication and GrafiPlaza. The conjunction strengthens the competitive position in the market and offers good prospects for the coming years.

Graphic collectively
Under the flag of GrafiPlaza operating companies offer employ more than 100 people together. With continued expansion it has become a graphic collective with about € 20 million turnover.

nieuws_Jurriaans onderdeel GP

Sander Muller (l) and Eef Ebbeling (r) sign conjunction on hole 5.